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Chili Concept (Brand New Days) and Intraco Collaborate on Acquiring BIGBANG Concepts

These two companies joined forces with acquiring the license for the BigBang International brands Gumbite, Cenatron, fedaboa as well as the creative products made for the large “sports” events under the BIGBANG label.

The found of BIGBANG, Serge de Warrimont and Francois Verhoeven, have other activities that require their full focus and were looking for partners who could continue their legacy.

Gumbite products make life easier and more fun. Gumbite’s practical and ergonomic solutions are the perfect companion to everyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Whether you are at home, at work or on the road, you can always rely on Gumbite.

The stylish, aluminium-base tools for life of Cenatron, make the life of every executive working with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops so much more organised. Cenatron offers smart solutions to everyday challenges at the office or on the road. While you manage your business, Cenatron manages your business space.

This luxurious yet surprisingly affordable brand of belts was originated in 2007. Fedaboa finds its inspiration in the original belts used by pearl divers. Fedaboa transferred this authentic look into fashion-forward accessories that are guaranteed to make you stand out in a chic and colourful way.

Successful products like the Minihorn, Vuvuzela and the Wavecape and faithful clients as Coca Cola constantly prove that the authentic BIGBANG Products are made for sportive success.

Both companies see a chance to continue these concepts and add new ideas to some of these evergreen items.

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