Charter standards – what are they?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that more end users are seeking to purchase campaign product through a recognised supply chain. The BPMA is being contacted by a growing number of end users and marketers seeking guidance on selecting quality distributor companies they wish to invite to tender for their business.

In these cases, where a robust tender process is in place, the BPMA provides details of its Chartered distributors. The BPMA Charter Status is aimed at increasing the level of professionalism of both distributors and suppliers. BPMA Charter members add essential core values to the supply process, with creativity, safety and professionalism being implicit.

All Charter distributors are put forward with the endorsement of the trade association confirming that Charter Members have been thoroughly vetted (annually) and operate their businesses to the highest in industry standards in business practice and customer service.

Qualities inherent within the Charter Status are qualities reflected and required by a vast majority of businesses seeking to tender out their promotional product business. These qualities are: quality assurance; product conformity; continuity of service and product; ethical and environmental values; financial security, and trust and transparency. These attributes strengthen a robust, professional environment which enables a long-term business relationship to grow and prosper.

The BPMA Charter Status is designed to both develop and, subsequently, achieve the highest standards within our specific niche of the promotional marketing discipline. In a world that it changing fast, where demands from customers are changing just as rapidly, one day all our members will need to operate their businesses to the standard of Charter status in order to be seen as professional and to remain successful.

What does it take to become a Charter member?

  • A Charter Member has had to earn Charter status
  • A Charter Member can provide continuity of supply
  • A Charter Member can provide quality of supply
  • A Charter Member can provide regulatory certification/documentation when required
  • A Charter Member is interested in the long-term supply chain partnership, not just the next order
  • A Charter Member will work with the customer, ensuring that the challenges of the market are met
  • A Charter Member will be constantly scrutinised to ensure compliance with accreditation standards
  • A Charter Member will be periodically re-assessed to ensure maintenance of these high standards
  • A Charter Member is forward-looking and wishes to challenge and improve standards, and further develop the market

If you feel your business is ready to earn the Charter status and reach the highest accolade then please contact Daniela Arena, Head of Education and Best Practice, BPMA to enquire and apply. Don’t be put off if your business is not ready to achieve Charter status, our charter requirements can be used as a guide to help your business grow and be the best it can be. The BPMA is keen to work with all of its members to implement or improve policies and standards, please contact Daniela Arena for support and advice.

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