Celebrating Winning Products

Merchandise World Promotional Product Awards hit an all-time high this year with a record figure of 118 entries received. This year, the BPMA made entry, even more, inviting by introducing a first free entry for BPMA members and a reduced fee for  Purple Club members.

The 10 categories for the 2019 awards were: Desk Product of the Year, Pocket Product of the year, Executive Product of the year, Edible Product of the year, Eco Product of the year, Promotional Pen of the Year, Promotional Bag of the Year, Technology Product of the year, Most Innovative Product of the year and

Textile Product of the year. All categories received high entries, with the most popular category being for eco products. The voting took place at the home of the Page Partnership in Warwick and was kindly hosted by Brian Hayward.

The judging panel was formed of catalogue groups and distributors:

•Brian Hayward–Page Partnership

•Lawrence Angelow–Advantage Group

•RichardPettinger –IgniteGroup

•PaulGreen –Galpeg

•JohnYoung–Mojo Promotions

•Angela Wagstaff –A llwagPromotions

•Elliot Sampson –Heartlands Business Gifts

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