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Introducing: ID Card Centre

Give us a snapshot of the business.

Ben O’Brien (pictured) ran ID Card Centre for eight years before acquiring it in 2011. It provides ID card and name badge production services, badge printers, accessories and related technical services. It adopted ICEtags (In Case of Emergency) – small cards that attach to clothing and contain life-saving information such as medical conditions and. contact details. It has become an important partner to designers, merchandise wholesalers, events co-ordinators and end users throughout the UK and overseas.

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GO BEYOND BASIC – A creative design overlay can make a great product something that really engages with an audience, says Graham Arnold

In more than 10 years in the merchandise industry I am often amazed at the missed opportunities by distributors for delivering real impact to the end user. Without design, a promotional product is just a product. A pen in an office drawer, a mug left on the shelf or a bag for life discarded to never fulfil its purpose.

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A new service allows distributors to offer a range of printed products to clients

Saxoprint is launching its new solution for resellers, Saxoprint Partners, at Merchandise World. The service provides a white label print solution, that can be branded for distributors to deliver a scalable robust print solution to their existing and new clients. With wholesale pricing, distributor discount and an invoicing solution, Saxoprint Partners will enable distributors to offer a range of printed products.

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Xindao Celebrates 30 Years in the Industry

Dutch-based giant Xindao celebrates 30 years in the promotional gift industry this January. The company employs more than 300 people, 60 in Shanghai, 150 in Romania and 90 in Holland, with a further 20 representatives in different countries.

The company’s founders came up with the name from the Chinese words Xin and Dao meaning ‘new’ ‘direction’. PM asked CEO Albert van Der Veen (pictured) what have been some of the reasons why Xindao has stood the test of time.

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Forward-looking designer wins bpma Award

Student designer Asher Erskine highlights the project that won him the 2015 bpma Design Innovation Award

I’m currently in my second year studying Product Design at Nottingham Trent University, working on a range of exciting live briefs with various companies.  Last year, I got my first insight into the process, when we were tasked to design the promotional product of the future as part of the bpma Design Innovation Award. 

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