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Protection Built In

The essence of every solution developed by VoyagerBlue stems back to the 35 years spent delivering advanced passenger processing technology to the world’s travel industry, including airports, airlines, and governments responsible for securing borders.

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2009 probably wasn’t the best time to be starting any business, but when you think you’ve spotted a gap in the market, there’s no time like the present, according to Garry Holland, the founder of Richmond-based Innovation 1st.

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Politics affects business whether we like it or not. Many have tried to turn a blind eye (and ear) away from the ‘B word’, Brexit, but there are some key considerations to remember when it comes to the supply of items and the subsequent credit management.

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Brexit: Our Industry Voice

As we are sure you are all aware the current events in Parliament are unprecedented, the uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations are affecting confidence across the market and are proving wearing on our industry.

There are a number of possible outcomes as to how the UK could leave the EU or the possibility still remains that we could have a further referendum which will lead to a protracted period of uncertainty.

It is at these times that the Industry more than ever needs a strong Trade Association.

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Goozee Goes Gorgeous For Charity

Certified wholly women-owned business Outstanding Branding, a global distributor of promotional merchandise, are proud to support Client Experience Manager, Fred Goozee, as he cuts off his flowing locks for two cancer charities.

This January we are delighted to support our Client Experience Manager Fred Goozee as he cuts off his hair in aid of two fantastic charities. It has been almost 4 years since Fred has been to the hairdressers; but on 14th February this year he will be cutting and donating his luscious locks.

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European promotional supplier PF Concept becomes one with UK manufacturer SPS

A European promotional products supplier is set to become one with a leading UK manufacturer by January 2019.

Following the PF Concept acquisition of SPS EU Ltd in December 2017, the two companies will become one operation in early 2019 under the name of PF Concept UK Ltd.

As part of the transition, PF Concept is making significant investments in the UK business to increase capacity, make it easier and faster for customers to place orders and deliver the best customer service possible.

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After much consideration, and with the aim of providing our valued visitors and exhibitors with the best level of experience and return for their investment in time and support, the venues for the next two Merchandise World’s have been decided.

We hope you will find these venues as exciting as we do, and more importantly, we hope to see you there!

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New team presented at BPMA AGM

The 15th British Promotional Merchandise Association’s Annual General Meeting was held at The London Mathematical Society, Russell Square on Wednesday 7th November 2018. Graeme Smith opened his chairman’s review by summarising industry challenges and opportunities, the successful Merchandise World shows, research, member benefits, education, events for2018and 2019 and more, including the BPMA’s ProductMedia magazine which is now the principal magazine for the industry and continuing to grow.

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Help Spread The Word

As merchandise professionals, we are well aware of the power of product media to influence customers, motivate staff, and to help communicate a message. Which is great. However, to stop us preaching to the converted who have already bought into merchandise as a marketing tool, we have to keep getting our message out to those who may be less familiar with its benefits. That is why the BPMA has formed an end user group.

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