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BPMA – Lets Go To Work

It’s been a hectic nine months both in our industry and at the BPMA. Taking on the role of Chairman, having been Vice Chairman for the past two years, has not only meant getting more involved with the team but also with engaged members and the wider-reaching trade association network both in the UK and in Europe. Juggling the voluntary role of Chair for the BPMA, my own business, and my family can be tough at times, especially with two teenage daughters.

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BPMA – Writing the future

A household name, BIC became synonymous with quality and reliability in 1950 with the launch of the BIC Cristal, the first high-quality ballpoint pen at an affordable price. BIC took its first step in the promotional sector 50 years ago in 1969, the same year Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon. In the 1970s it launched the iconic BIC Lighter and BIC Shaver, and today sells 32 million BIC products every day worldwide, 20.2 million of which are stationery products. BIC is known for pens but sees itself as selling solutions.

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BPMA – Train and Retain

Research carried out in 2018 indicated that 40% of millennials who don’t receive the necessary on the job training to become more effective in their role will leave their positions within the first year. That’s quite a high percentage, but it’s not only the modern workforce that ranks training and development opportunities in the workplace so highly.

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Ask Clive

Double bagging doesn’t just happen in the supermarket. Clive Allcott says the clothing industry needs to wean itself off overpackaging

With single-use plastic concerns across the promotional industry, how can garment decorators, clothing suppliers and distributors help in this global issue? Overpackaging is a great concern not only in textiles but across all trading platforms.

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