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Building a happy and profitable workplace

Why are some employers more successful at retaining their workforce over others?

In our modern, competitive and creative environment, organisations can adopt several practices to help attract and retain employees. A business offering a healthy, varied work environment which favours the well-being of employees is more likely to attract and retain staff over those that don’t.

There are many ways in which you can create or redefine your work culture and environment – benefits, incentives, involvement, work/life balance opportunities, job security and career development all play their part, alongside a planned, staged staff induction programme for new staff.

Inductions are the ideal time to prepare your new staff for their role, and you should align them with what your company stands for, and how you like to do business. Induction training should include development of theoretical and practical skills, but also meet interaction needs that exist among the new employees.

Companies that fail to impress new staff risk losing them pretty quickly. Research shows:

  • 25% of new starters decide to leave their new company within the first week
  • 47% decide to leave after three months with a poor induction process being blamed for those wishing to leave early
  •  40% of employees who receive poor training will leave within the first year

The bpma education programme ‘Trained in Promotional Merchandise‘ course (TPM) offers both supplier and distributor members a ready-made, industry specific induction programme. It is currently being used by over 133 members as a stand-alone training course or is enhancing an existing training programme.

The TPM programme can save managers and business owners valuable time. The course is offered either through 100% online training, or as a mix of face-to-face and online learning, and introduces learners to the industry fundamentals.  The course shares research on the power of promotional merchandise, artwork files and requirements, and the basics of screen printing, and gives those taking it access to more than 70 pieces of industry specific content acting as a resource tool.

Business owners and managers can utilise their time with new staff with training on business processes and procedures. Offering training and development through an industry-specific recognised course, written by industry experts and run by the industry trade association says a lot about you and your business.

It shows employees that you want to invest in them, that you want them to acquire new skills and you want them to settle, understand and deliver in their role as quickly as possible. Of course, you also want them to enjoy it,  which is why we also offer bpma education programme factory visits too. It demonstrates your commitment to them which will result in commitment to you in return, and will increase your staff retention rates.

If you have hired new staff or will be hiring in the New Year, the bpma education programme will be running a FREE education programme Introductory Seminar on 29 January 2016. This will be an ideal time to embrace a new year and a new start with new staff.

Contact for details or to arrange a demo.

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