BPMA Voucher Scheme: last day for BPMA Supplier members to sign up

If your BPMA supplier business would like to participate in the voucher programme and haven’t signed up yet, please get touch to confirm your participation no later than Friday 7th August to Daniela Arena.

The BPMA voucher campaign will be going live 9th September to coincide with the BPMA Conference & Networking Hub. With over 50 suppliers already signed up, we will be promoting voucher use heavily within the virtual platform and in day to day business.

Save thousands

The voucher campaign is valid from 9th September 2020 – 30th November 2020 and available to all BPMA distributor members.

Vouchers from participating suppliers feature £50 off a £500 (or above) order when BPMA distributor members reference BPMA plus their membership number on valid purchase orders between 9th September – 30thNovember 2020.

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