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bpma show almost sold out

The eagerly awaited new bpma show has almost sold out with just three stands remaining as Product Media went to press. 

“I’m particularly pleased with the range and quality of suppliers supporting our inaugural show,” said director general, Gordon Glenister.

“The exhibitors are creating a special product feature, all with the same show design on it so we can really see the creativity of our suppliers. Other features include the Tech Zone; a Christmas gift feature; more than 100 creative promotional designs from university design students; Briman’s special display of products made in the UK, and many exhibitors are supporting the £6,000 voucher campaign. In addition to that there is a total live branding experience going on.”

Glenister added: “This show is different from other events. We see our role as really ensuring the event is inspiring, engaging and educational. All our distributor members need to be there.”

The bpma show will be held at Silverstone on 14 September. More details are available at

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