BPMA: Representing your views to government

In these strange times where life and business are changing almost days, our ability to understand the current situation and need for knowledge is ever increasing particularly where the finer details are needed to make critical decisions.

In addition to the BPMA weekly webinar, held each Thursday at 12:30, we are involved with several Government departments to ensure your business views and needs are represented and action is taken.

These are the Department for Business, Economic and Industrial Strategy, often referred to as BEIS; the Department for International Trade or DIT and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport otherwise known as DCMS. This last department may not be the obvious one for our industry however DCMS are heavily involved in creative industry and strategy involving every aspect of what end users are involved in too.

Overall, our representations of accurate and timely information now mean we are up front and centre when the needs of SMEs are in question. We will continue to drive your agenda tirelessly as we seek to bring about change on important issues such as business rates for our sector, particularly linked to our role in the leisure and hospitality sectors.

Your stories and case studies have enabled us to bring individual challenges to life for the people instructing change, your responses to surveys and questions deliver the facts needed to contextualise the rapid changes Government still need to make on areas that make the difference on just surviving.

Keep your information coming – we need to know how you are impacted beyond the anecdotal evidence. Look out for the survey link in this newsletter to help us understand the impact for your business.

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