BPMA releases new consumer research

Presented during the virtual BPMA Conference, CEO Carey Trevill revealed a summary of consumer reactions to merchandise. The research, paused at the start of lockdown, examined topical questions about consumer expectations for merchandise and goods such as face coverings and hand sanitiser together with recall for merchandise.

Including important questions about sustainability, the BPMA saw high awareness about product reusability and disposal instructions. However, response also demonstrated this is only related to certain products such as drinkware. As part of a second wave of research, end user understanding and response to product lifecycle will also be examined closely.

Gathering insights from the data, women were also highlighted as less likely to have received a promotional item and items consumers will actively seek now and in the future. This also reflected in positive endorsement for the company linked to merchandise they received; 52% of respondents indicated a recommendation would be linked to receipt of branded merchandise.

Learnings for the industry included ensuring relevance for the recipient was essential, encouragement of re-use and information about recycling plus meeting expectations for safety.

The BPMA showcased research for members during their webinar on 24th September and will be making resources available for members shortly. BPMA members can register here for the webinar series.

BPMA members will be able to access research resources in the coming days.

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