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BPMA Graduates Celebrate At The Royal Air Force Club In Mayfair, London.

Graduates of the BPMA Education Programme were flying high when they received their well awarded TPM certificates at The Royal Air Force Club in Mayfair, London on Tuesday 24th April.

Graduates who attended the stately affair were awarded their certificates by Head of Education ‘Daniela Arena’ and Director General ‘Gordon Glenister’ from the BPMA. The event took place in the Battle of Britain Suite.

Education is at the forefront of the BPMA strategy and many companies have embraced this opportunity to train their staff through the BPMA Education Programme, many are going as far as including this in their recruitment process.

Commenting ‘Arena said’
I have got to know many of the learners and those that succeed (even if they have to take the exam twice) have worked hard and it means a lot to them. Some study over the weekends which is a testament to their commitment and drive to succeed. I invigilate the exams. I’ve seen tears of joy, tears of sadness, I have seen frustration when they have been just 1 question away from passing and I see that real sense of achievement when they have passed, which is why it is an honour and privilege to reward and give recognition for their achievement and commitment to their professional development.

A great afternoon was had by all, what our learners and contributors had to say:

The course and qualification has given our customers verification that I know what I’m talking about, so my clients can trust in me and I can increase my client base.
Student – Account Manager
Alex Brown from Outstanding Branding

We are really impressed with the BPMA education programme and feel it’s important to take up as much education that is available. The TPM certificate not only proves that you are qualified to do the job it’s as much about learning about the industry as you can know.
Marketing & Advertising
Lexi Gatte from Simoney Ltd

If you have experience in the industry why would you not share it, I’m keen to share the insights of my daily routine and struggles. If it helps others overcome that then why would you not do it? A supplier needs to think like a distributor and a distributor needs to think like a supplier. Education is the way forward for the industry and to make sure this industry keeps thriving.
Ben Chamberlain from Orchard Melamine Products

The BPMA will be hosting a joint introductory seminar and factory visit at Senator Pens on 22nd May this includes an introduction to the education programme

For more information about the Education Programme or to register please contact Daniela Arena on 0203 875 7879 or email

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