Following an eventful year for the merchandise sector and the country, the BPMA is focussing on the opportunities for 2020, says Angela Wagstaff

2019 has been a busy year full of uncertainty, but now it’s time to look forward to the next decade with hopeful anticipation. Change is inevitable and exciting, so here’s to 2020! The BPMA has seen the year fly by too, settling Jon Birrell into his new role of CEO and taking on Tom Robey our new membership executive in December to finish the year off nicely. As Chair, I have enjoyed creating our new Focus Groups for Sustainability,

Next Generation, and Research, as well as being privileged to work with our Patrons and Board members to drive our industry forward. All of these groups allow us to gain your feedback and ideas and support our education programme. In December, the BPMA joined a Parliamentary Debating Group for Marketing and Media with other trade associations such as CIM, CIPR, and IPM.

This position allows us to be front and central in the marketing world and propose our own debates in the ANY PANTONE® COLOUR FROM JUST 90 BOTTLES. SATIN, GLOSS OR METALLIC. www.listawood.com House of Commons. Any member interested in taking part in one of these debates, please give me a call to find out more.

Another thing to look forward to in 2020 is that we will be bringing back the BPMA Conference as well as more networking events and seminars to bring people together and do better business. We are upgrading both our CRM and Education programmes having taken on Member feedback from 2019 too. If anyone would like to get more involved in their trade association, please feel free to chat with either Jon or myself about ways in which you can get involved.

We’ll both be at Merchandise World this month or drop us a line at angela.wagstaff@bpma.co.uk or jon.birrell@bpma.co.uk.

Angela Wagstaff is Chairman of the BPMA

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