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Book Speaks Volumes on Promo Power

Club Row Creations director Mo Yusuff promises to dispel the myths about promotional products in his new book Promo Power Supremacy.

I’ll probably make other suppliers spit blood for saying this, but people in this industry who endorse the myth that you need to buy promotional products to create brand awareness are talking total B.S,” says Club Row Creation’s Mo Yusuff.

Aware of the fact that most promotional products fail miserably and over the years seeing customer after customer waste their money, he decided to do something about it. In his book, he shares everything he’s learnt (the hard way) over the past 29 years to help people realise the true power of promotional products when combined with creative and ground-breaking marketing campaigns. Since its release, readers have come out to share rave reviews about the book and Mo’s tried, tested and proven strategies.

Vicky Fraser said: “This book is just the first step on that journey, and I wish he’d written it years ago.” 

Starting with the 7 Reasons Why Most Promotional Products Fail Miserably, and How to Fix That, the book is packed full of useful and practical stuff to help avoid the pitfalls of promo marketing. Chapter 2 will be a revelation to most business owners.

Mo’s also included a chapter about how he and other businesses have successfully used lumpy mail and promotional products to get real, tangible results. There are a bunch of good ideas in there for us to swipe and adapt.

He also goes in-depth regarding how to create and run a whole marketing system, including where the real profits lie, and how to dig them out. 

The book aims to be an aid to anybody who runs their own business. It claims to be no nonsense, no fads, and no thinly disguised sales pitches. Instead, it promises lots of valuable, timeless, practical stuff  that can put to work straight away. 

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