Blended learning approach underpins bpma education growth

The bpma education programme continues to grow, with over 120 active learners on the programme. Daniela Arena, professional development manager at the bpma, comments: “We now offer a blended learning approach on the education programme. Learners can attend an introductory seminar, held in London, and are encouraged to attend a supplier factory visit organised by the bpma. They can also attend a credit-weighted boot camp or similar event.

“The majority of the learning is still delivered online, allowing people to study at a time and place to suit them. To enhance the online learning, we are launching new content within the 14 subject categories into the programme four times a year. New content will be relevant and written specifically for our industry by experts of the fi eld within the industry.”

“Moving into 2016, managers and learners can select a training plan offered within the education programme that provides the right balance of face-to-face training and online learning along with selecting a range of study topics that will enhance each individual’s skill set, knowledge and development within the industry.”

This approach is being well received by the learners, and bpma graduate Bethann Coleman from Hambleside Business Gifts confirms: “The programme is extremely flexible, has a wide variety of content and can be tailored to individuals. It’s great to have all content, events and progress tracked in one place and accessible at any time. No matter which level you are at, you have access to all content to help expand your working knowledge, and the quiz section allows you to monitor your progress. The online system is simple to use and encourages you to reach your targets and achieve your goals.” Bethann is now working towards her Master in Promotional Merchandise qualifi cation (MPM).

Learners can register and begin their studies at any time and then attend the next available introductory seminar in order to maximise their learning. Alternatively, learners can register and then begin their studies after attending the introductory seminar.

James Biggin from Steel City Marketing commented: “We have decided to take part in the bpma education programme in order to further develop our staff and to reinforce what we are working on in terms of our values and culture. The reason for signing up was to ensure the staff at Steel City are up to speed on the industry, techniques and can be real authorities on our industry.”

Companies are now using the TPM (Trained in Promotional Merchandise course) as part of an induction programme for all new staff. Progress reports and a learning charter document can be provided to allow you to monitor the development.

Please contact to discuss how the education programme can be of benefit to you and your employees.

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