Behind The Scenes Film Focuses On Branding

Narrative Glue Creative, the BPMA’s video production agency partner, has produced a series of films of the new education programme, focusing on the printing of branded items.

The company spent two days with its crew in Blackpool filming ‘behind the scenes’ at SPS. The brief was to create a series of films which demonstrated the many different printing processes involved.

Suzi Jones, the creative director, Narrative Glue, said: “There is always something fascinating about the ‘behind the scenes’ format.

Seeing how a product starts its life and the journey it takes before it gets to the customer is always an eye-opener.

We ended up with some beautiful vibrant footage which really demonstrated the skills, technology, and creativeness of the staff and the many machine processes used to make branded promotional products.”

The completed film can be viewed at Narrative Glue is pleased to offer all BPMA members a 10% discount on any production work. If you’re thinking about using video for your business, talk to Suzi at or call 01494 817575.

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