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Be chewsy about your merchandise

It’s OK to be chewsy about the promotional products you chews for your next event, campaign or launch. After all, you want to be remembered for the right reasons.

Whether you want to indulge your clients with happy childhood memories or get them chewing over their next campaign, Liquid Lens’ latest product launch will get people talking (when they’re not chewing their way through the merchandise).

Known for their gourmet confectionary, Liquid Lens is adding the well-known retro brand, Chewits, to its popular portfolio of well-known sweets. These mouth-watering, chewy little cubes come in a 60g bag filled with a random mix of the sweet’s original flavours. As with all their products, the bag can be digitally printed in full colour with a brand or message.

See the front of this magazine for your free sample or email to request another bag.

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