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Ask Clive the Essential Branding Guru about Embroidery

Q: Why is Embroidery costed on stitch count rather than size?

To price embroidery just on size doesn’t take into consideration the complexity of the logo and the material it has to be embroidered onto, therefore the only precise way is to quote by the stitch count, which is generated when digitising the image.

Q: What is the recommended minimum size for text on embroidery?

There is an industry standard which suggests that the minimum size should be 5mm in height per letter, since going below that will challenge the legibility of the text.

Q: Will embroidering a performance garment compromise the waterproofing?

Embroidering a waterproof garment is, by definition, putting thousands of holes through a water resistant membrane, strictly rendering the garment non-waterproof. However, scales of waterproofing are measured by the amount of water, in mm, which can be suspended above the fabric before water seeps through, and the thread of the embroidery will slow down any water that is entering the shell of the jacket, rendering it fit for most purposes. For those clients that require clothing for extreme conditions, heat-seal patches, waterproof sprays or other forms of branding should be discussed.

Q: What is Digitisation / Origination?

Digitising is the process of converting artwork into digital data that tells a computerised embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process. The digitiser will take into consideration the material of the garment, as this will influence the stitch style to be used. Stitches will sink into fabrics such as polar fleece and lay on the surface of denser fabrics such as nylon, therefore digitising is a careful process that requires time and experience to be performed correctly. A well digitised design will enhance your logo, so look for an embroiderer who provides quality digitising.

Q: Are all embroideries the same?

Embroidery is an adaptation of an image which has been digitised. However good this interpretation is, it can be affected by many things such as the speed that embroidery machines are run, needle change duration, commercial machinery, thread manufacturer and, of course, the experience and reputation of your embroiderer. 

Q: What restrictions are there to Embroidery?

For me, embroidery offers the best way of decorating a garment as it oozes quality and often enhances the garment, but as with all branding methods it comes with restrictions. All embroideries need to be framed in one shape or another, and so items such as pockets, zips and seams may well make embroidery impossible. If in doubt, your embroiderer will advise.

I look forward to more of your clothing and embellishment questions. Happy selling! Clive (The Essential Branding Guru)

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