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Ask Clive – Talk Up Clothing for the Good of the Sector

Well it’s nearly another 12 months tucked into the belt of the promotional merchandise year. In the clothing sector it’s been a refreshing year where the demands and requirements have been mirroring the retail trends that we find on the High Street. Items such as soft shells, quilted jackets, contrast shirts and polos have proved to be very popular. 

This retail trend-setting has had a knock-on effect for the distributor where varied products and higher order values have been established by working in conjunction with ‘bespoke like’ decoration solutions.

This bespoke like solution has benefited distributors and their clients as an alternative to fully bespoke production, especially when you list the pros and cons of bespoke over bespoke like as shown above.

Let your garment decorator help with these added bespoke like branded options and make next year a clothing success.

New Year’s Resolution

Apart from the usual cut down on my beer intake, lose weight, and exercise more, I have in fact an achievable resolution that I need everyone’s help and assistance on. Working together as an industry I would like us all to change the collective name of promotional clothing to ‘branded clothing’.

The reason behind my rally call is that there is a perception in the marketplace that promotional clothing is an inferior, cheaper product to that which is found in the retail sector, none of which is the case. By us all championing the call to branded clothing in sales presentations, print, promotions and advertising, we will ensure that clothing remains a solid choice in the promotional merchandise sales arena.

Happy selling, Clive
(The Essential Branding Guru)

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