Ask Clive – Staff Uniforms: An Opportunity To Sell

Over the last few editions of Product Media we have discussed general workwear and highlighted promotional clothing. This month’s article is focused on branded clothing as a work uniform. What a perfect opportunity to enter the clothing market – every day you make contact with a company branded person. Why not become the supplier of those uniforms?

Promotional clothing can be used in a variety of ways, each with distinct benefits to the end user. If your customer requires a uniform, then you should emphasise certain benefits when presenting.

  • It creates a professional-looking atmosphere
  • Uniforms make your staff instantly recognisable and identifiable
  • Offering a selected range of clothing can benefit the customer as a further expansion to the theme of their business. For example, sports tops for gymnasium staff, Oxford shirts for office staff and polo shirts for retail stores.

If your client uses promotional clothing to identify their employees at a trade show, convention, seminar, or other professional gathering, reaffirm the benefits that branded clothing will enjoy in these work arenas.

Quality branded clothing showcases a professional image for your company. Visitors to a trade show will be able to recognise your staff even away from the stand. A slogan on the garment could provide a conversation starter that’s centred on their business and services.

When your customer is choosing promotional clothing for their company, it’s important to give the garments a lot of thought. There is no point in just printing the logo on the back of a T-shirt or embroidery to the arm of a polo shirt without taking time to consider the options. The clothing needs to be well suited to both the company and the purpose of the product.

When you’re presenting promotional clothing, there are a few questions you should ask your client.

Will this clothing item be worn daily or occasionally? Company uniforms for daily wear need to be durable and easy to clean. There is little point in recommending products that then need to be dry cleaned.

What image do they want their company to present? If it’s edgy and trendy, a T-shirt with graffiti-style lettering, bright colours, and modern artwork may work very well, however, if they want to present a more professional image, it might be a case of a simple logo and a neutral coloured shirt.

What colours and designs are associated with the company? If the logo features black, yellow, and red, then look at a range of clothing that incorporates those colours. It will benefi t your client with association to the brand, something that they have worked so hard to build.

Happy selling, Clive (The Essential Branding Guru)

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