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Ask Clive – Promotional Products – Why Bother?

Consumers are no longer simply delighted by a freebie. They want quality, says Clive Allcott.

Q: Promotional Products – Why Bother?

As a distributor have you ever thought about your customers’ customer and what they use promotional products for? Well, here’s something you might not want to hear, but now more than ever, recipients are judging the promotional gifts they receive.

From these items, they are making a direct correlation to the company handing them out, so unsurprisingly, giving out cheap items says to them that the company didn’t put much time and effort into the gift. Branded clothing could be your solution with its high perceived value, range and choice. Recipients want quality items that they’ll actually use or wear.

The world is familiar with traditional corporate apparel such as polos and shirts which make up most employee uniforms and are key to maintaining brand consistency, however most employees are not going to wear company branded uniform items anywhere but in the workplace.

So why not present to your customers a range of fun apparel that their staff or recipients will want to wear outside of the office. This is a secondary branding opportunity and can gain extra sales for you. These clothes should be a lifestyle choice where the branding can be incorporated in a cool graphic with differing branding techniques. With so many choices there is no need to just go for a cheap T-shirt with sub-par material. Opt for a quality T-shirt made with Fairtrade cotton, bamboo resin, or that has a unique cut.

Simple and generic clothing items just aren’t going to cut it anymore outside of the workplace. Recipients want the best of the best. This means smart materials for performance apparel, with moisture management and odour control.

Some marketers are making a move towards promoting their brand alongside retail brands, and this is also true when it comes to branded clothing. The generation of Millennials are now looking for brands which they know from the retail arena such as Stormtech, Elevate, Musto to name but a few.

In line with the above point, people want clothing that fits into their lifestyle and fashion requirements otherwise, they won’t wear it outside of work.

Give them quality apparel with a unique design that they will appreciate and they will advertise the company’s brand in their leisure time.

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Clive, the clothing Guru.

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