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Ask Clive – New BPMA Clothing Website

A new BPMA clothing website promises to answer all the questions you were too embarrassed to ask, says Clive Allcot.

One of the most common discussions I have on my travels around the country visiting various distributors concerns how they and their staff struggle to sell branded clothing. It becomes apparent that these concerns are mostly led by the number of choices of both clothing and decoration methods. They express that it’s difficult to sell with confidence when you’re not completely knowledgeable about the processes and range of garments available.

Over the last few articles in Product Media we have addressed some of these issues and offered solutions to assist in the sales of promotional clothing, however to educate fully we would need a complete edition solely dedicated to branded garments.

With the amount of information that is needed to educate and inform our distributor base, Gordon Glenister (BPMA), myself, and a number of major clothing brands and clothing wholesalers have been creating a go to website that will deliver all this information for you –

The branded clothing website will go live before the Merchandise World show, allowing you full access to the information so that we can gain your feedback at the show. It has been designed so it can be used as a selling tool that can be viewed by either a distributor or be sent to your end users to educate and assist them.

With a selection of navigational tabs, the website offers videos of branding methods, a photo gallery of successful branded clothing projects, research and sourcing guides as well as links to clothing products. We even have a useful information tab which houses such items as a Pantone reference guide, washing instructions by imagery and a full A-Z glossary of terms used in the clothing and branding arena.

This is a huge step forward for the industry which we hope you will use to the full. This is a product that can be used for the training of staff, customers as well as a valuable reference guide.

Please let us know your feedback and happy clothing sales.

The branded clothing guru

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