Ask Clive – Garment Decoration

Clive Allcott, the Essential Branding guru, on Garment Decoration

Q. Are there trends in promotional clothing?

A. Marketing results are often calibrated on the “impressions and impacts” that the brand will incur from the planned activity, of which clothing can be a major contributor, hence the realisation that fashionable, well-branded clothing will deliver better results.

The current market place in the promotional clothing sector is following retail trends and fashions. Whilst there is, and always will be, a market for the traditional screen printed tee shirts promoting extra points for this and promotional discounts for that, there is a reality that the printed tee shirt is not always the best way to promote their brand. This product, like so many promotional items, often ends up in the desk draw after one wear. 

With this trend towards retail quality clothing and branding a new sector has appeared. We have always had “Off the Shelf” and “Bespoke”, and now we have “Bespoke-Like”! This is where we as a decorator take a blank off-the-shelf garment and make retail style changes to it. These can take the form of a neck label change, adding a hem label, changing the zip pull toggles, or stitching on rubber or leather badges, to name but a few modifications. 

These changes, along with general branding techniques in non-standard positions, such as left shoulder “Superdry Style”, are turning standard promotional clothing items into bespoke retail-like products. Shorter delivery times, manageable quantities, and easier re-ordering are key advantages over bespoke ordering that your customers will benefit from. 

Offering these branding solutions will help you in the sales of promotional clothing. I look forward to more of your clothing and embellishment questions. Happy selling!

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