Ask Clive – 2017 Colours

This year’s colours and styles can come straight off the high street to the promotional sector.

As we are now into the new year I thought I would look at how 2017 colours and styles deemed fashionable by the mainstream fashion industry are transposed into the branded clothing market.

This year’s colours and fashion trends are military style, long body T-shirts and pockets, with whites and pastilles leading the colour charts.

On the branding and decorating radar the trends are big and bold branding on polo shirts along with this being the year of the slogan T-shirt. Refreshingly, all these fashions can be mirrored in our marketplace due to our clothing suppliers (wholesaler or decorator) launching and stocking new and exciting products coupled with branding techniques that any good garment embellisher should be able to offer.

The supply chain has at last realised that the promotions market needs to be current and relevant especially in the clothing market.

All of these 2017 colours and styles used in conjunction with original branding methods can benefit your clients in the marketing of their brand and bring you clothing sales.

Happy selling, Clive (The branded clothing guru)

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