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Appreciative approach from US business

Almost a quarter of American businesses intended to spend more than $100 on each spend employee as a holiday thank you, according to the annual corporate gift-giving report released by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

ASI’s nationwide 2017 Corporate Gift Spending Survey found that 23% reported they would spend this amount, with an average of $79 spent to thank each employee. All told, 75% of companies
planned to spend the same amount as last year on gifts for employees and customers, while were 17% reducing their spending, up from 9% last year.

Timothy M. Andrews, ASI president and CEO, said: “Employees and customers alike always appreciate getting a little extra over the holidays, and smart companies know corporate generosity pays dividends all year long through repeat business or employee loyalty – especially when the job market is tight and the possibility of a recession looms.”

When asked for one word to describe how they feel when they receive a gift from a company they do business with, the majority polled said ‘appreciated’, followed by ‘thankful’ and ‘grateful’.

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