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ANC’s Manufacturing Processes

ANC Manufacturing is a leading supplier to Promotional Product Distributors. We are a proud member of the British Promotional Merchandise Association and Giftware Association.

ANC Manufacturing is part of the Ancestors Group, established in 1992. The business has developed and evolved with a solid background and track record in research, design and manufacture for the heritage and corporate sectors. The company has become uniquely placed to service these industries through its extensive knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. 

17 different manufacturing processes are carried out on our premises in Folkestone and all can be used to create great products swiftly for the promotional market.

Crystal Clear Polyurethane High Definition Resin Doming

A domed label is simply a sticker with a protective resin coating. The glossy look of the resin gives an eye catching 3d effect to label making, it’s a very popular choice to ensure your product and brand stand out. The flexibility of our Crystal Clear resin offers further options to place onto flexible products such as a magnet. This amazing liquid encapsulation that creates a domed magnification of the image whilst also protecting for a much longer life. Our services can include the printing and cutting of the artwork, we pride ourselves on the High Definition of print we are able to achieve on our own specially made high-quality polyester paper and high-resolution inkjet printers.

As well as making your label stand out the resin coating is highly durable, UV resistant and will not scratch or dent, in fact, it has a bouncebackability. Dome labels are very durable and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and will endure long term use. Domed labels are also referred to as badge labels, 3d labels or 3d stickers, bubble labels or bubble badges and resin labels. Using our dome label facilities in the UK gives you the edge on competitors waiting for longer worldwide deliveries. With our latest acquisition of the newest epoxy machine on the market, we can now offer a faster turnaround with more cost effective prices than ever before. 

What are the Benefits?

This is one label with many benefits and options. These labels can be applied to many different surfaces including rounded or curved. It is a hard wearing, self-healing label with means it is scratch and dent proof and looks “as new”. The resin provides UV protection ensuring the design will not fade or yellow when exposed to daylight.
Also providing endless protection against other elements and environments.

Prestigious applications where image is important: IT; Promotional and Automotive Applications (wheel centres, gear shifts, etc); Short or long run applications; Name badges and Asset Labelling; Areas of high impact or areas prone to abrasion.

What are Dome Labels used for?

Because of the way these labels are produced they are much more permanent and do not show signs of wear and tear. They are a great way to promote branding and products and are often used by equipment manufacturers applying them to their products using the 3-dimensional element for eye-catching effect towards the brand.

Metal Casting (lead-free pewter)

We can produce custom items using your designs or we can design for you. The production of all of our pewter products is carried out with a process called Spin Casting or Centrifugal Casting.

Casting Process

Our skilled artists use the traditional method of hand carving out of wax or pewter from original artwork or drawings.

A production mould is then made with the master casting being laid out on a silicone disc and then cured with heat and pressure in a vulcanizer. This rubber mould is then spun in a centrifugal caster while pewter is poured into the centre of the mould resulting in a replica of the master metal design. Once cooled this is then opened up and channels are cut for the molten metal to reach the impressions. These sub-masters are then put in a new production mould and placed into the volcaniser and the above process repeated. The completed castings are fettled and rumbled to remove any sharp edges and imperfections, then polished in a light detergent before being dried in the corn drying machine. All pewter items can be finished in a variety of ways including polishing, to a bright silver colour finish; antiquing to accent the details or plated in silver, gold or other finishes.

Casting Machines

We use a modern Semi-Automated centrifugal casting machine for our mass production and have several stand-alone manual pouring machines for lesser amounts and more intricate work. Per annum we process over 36 Tonnes of Pewter Tin Alloy.


Highly skilled operators assemble and finish every item to exacting standards. We can produce almost any shape including buttons; pin badges; golf ball markers; tooling; jewellery; findings; figurines; replica coins; medals; belt buckles; charms and Keychains.

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