Ancestors helps bpma mark 50 years

The Ancestors Group, trading as ANC Manufacturing, created a 3D metal bookmark as a gift to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bpma.

Carrying the association’s logo, it was given out to guests on the bpma’s anniversary cruise on the Thames, designed to be something that would be kept, have a practical use and be valuable as well as being made in the UK.

A sculptor made a model of the logo, using a silicon mould and casting the pieces in lead-free pewter onto a brass bookmark template, 24ct gold plating, laser engraving and finally the packaging.

There was no time to get the gift box gold blocked so it was decided to laser-engrave the lid and pad-print the base. The box was gift-wrapped and closed with a high-definition domed decal and placed in a pad-printed bpma-branded gift bag.

Limited editions of 120 pieces were created in just over one week and all processes manufactured on the premises at Ancestors in Folkestone in Kent.

Ancestors managing director Nicholas Humphery-smith said:

“We were so proud to be asked to provide the gift for the event but equally proud of our staff, their skills and our machinery to create such a great gift in a short time and all in the UK.”

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