Advertising Week Rocks London

Many of you won’t have heard of this event, but you should certainly be aware of it. I was able to attend part of it this year for the first time, writes Gordon Glenister.

There were 39,000 attendees over five days in March, with 218 seminars and 963 speakers. The attendees were mostly from the world of advertising including agencies and major brands.

A number of personalities were also giving their insight. Phillip Schofield explained how he engages with Snapchat. June Sarpong shared one of the panel debates on the importance of diversity in the media and workplace. Nicole Scherzinger talked about her career and how technology has changed the music industry and what artists now do to promote their brand. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who is now editor in chief of The Standard newspaper in London, talked about the challenges in funding its free model. Major investment is going into digital, but more brand wraps are making a big difference and he will wrap it as many times as he is asked to.

The BPMA’s partner association, PPAI in America, has earmarked liaison and partnership with Advertising Week in the US as a key part of its end user engagement. The promotional products industry has to be part of the bigger conversation. Interestingly there was quite a lot of merchandise being given away. More could be done, but it shows how important product media is across the board.

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