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A Tailored Approach

A changing marketplace requires a new outlook on how to best service distributors, says Sanjay Bhalla.

Promo Trade Co was born five years ago out of the desire to service the trade. The aim was always to be innovative and provide products and services that we felt the trade needed, making it that bit easier for distributors to engage with their customers.

Our job is about aligning our business with that of the distributors and meeting their needs in an ever-evolving industry and marketplace. Things have changed more in the last 12 months than over the past few years, and that has required us to think about how we may fit into the marketplace and continue to add value.

One of our key challenges has been to be more flexible in our approach and be more targeted in how we engage with each distributor. We have been discussing with the BPMA, catalogue groups and established distributors to build our market offering to reflect a changing market.

Therefore, BPMA distributors can take advantage of specific benefits such as, additional discounts; better credit terms; free set up and delivery, and self-promotion merchandise.

As the industry landscape changes, we will be tailoring our service, market offering and teams based on the differentiation between experienced resellers and new entrants, who cost us time and resource.

They require a different offering from our team and we have realised that we cannot have a one size fits all business.

We don’t have the resources to individually vet each potential new distributor, but by working closely with the BPMA and accepting that all BPMA distributor members are professionals (following the BPMA code of practice) we intend to offer services and prices second to none.

While we accept that change is inevitable, for the sake of all involved in the change, differentiation seems to be the way that we can deliver the service and benefits each requires.

Sanjay Bhalla is managing director of Promo Trade.

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