A Sensible Option

The sense of the unknown surrounding Britain’s future relationship with the European Union is causing headaches for British politicians and businessmen alike. Despite the Chequers deal being tabled, a recent survey of Britain’s 250 top-performing companies indicated that 90%are continuing to make provisions for any deal. Instability has resulted in extreme currency fluctuation especially in relation to the dollar. This has regularly shown variations up to 2% in a single 24-hour period.

For many SMEs in our sector, the biggest challenge facing them is managing the current peaks and troughs. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this. If you build a safety net into your figures, you run the risk of pricing yourself out of a deal, and if you price the transition keenly, you run the risk of being stung when exchange rates soar. Another area of uncertainty affecting business is taxation.

With no deal in place, docks and airports are unable to prepare themselves for the volume increases likely to result from Brexit. The lack of readiness and flexibility these terminals was recently highlighted when anew computer system was installed at Felixstowe port. Designed to improve efficiency it caused utter chaos and weeks of delays. Of further concern is the fact that with29March 2019 fast approaching, HMRC appears to have no plans in place. Sourcing promotional products from British manufacturers offers a simple solution to combatting some of the
effects of Brexit.

Within the Briman Group, abroad range of products is available including any bespoke options. Materials range from plastic and leather goods to metal products and a selection of edible treats. As one member of theBrimanGroup commented: “Not only can we offer a fantastic range of bespoke options from UK stock, we offer unmatchable lead times and most importantly can guarantee our prices. This has been especially useful when securing orders requiring numerous repeat orders.”

For more information about these British-made products please visit www.brimangroup.co.uk

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