Our resident technology expert, Matt Pluckrose answers more questions on how tech is influencing product media.

Q. What external technology do you see affecting promo tech in the coming months?

A. As always technology is racing and currently the buzz areas would include the Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence, VR and AR, with 5G to come plus new updated software and hardware such as Bluetooth 5. Such changes are developing new product markets including smart home speakers (Alexa, Google home, and so on), internet/wireless security devices, self-driving cars, wearable technology – the list goes on.

Q. What will we be selling in 2019 and beyond?

A. That’s the million dollar question and if I knew the exact answer I would fill 10 warehouses full of those products. I would expect to be seeing examples of smart home speakers coming down in price with Alexa software, large capacity power banks designed to charge everything in your office and home (including tablets, phones, laptops), wireless charging solutions for home, office, car and holiday, smart app driven products to help manage every aspect of our homes, AI driven devices that monitor, react and respond to our daily lives delivering a more seamless experience, and of course devices to keep us more healthy in terms of activity, hydration and general wellness. The future is bright we just need to embrace change and stay connected.

Q. What branding opportunities does tech offer?

A. Technology products are subject to changing trends and tastes in printing and branding. Engraving has also been the main branding method of choice given its subtle and elegant finish on metal based tech items. This method does limit some bright and modern brands however and the drive for four colour logo replication brought the rise of the epoxy domed decals giving bright printing and the option to brand low quantities. One powerful branding method is an LED to illuminate the logo – this involves a laser engraving to nick off the surface of the product to allow a light to shine brightly. Everybody likes to see their name in lights. The last couple of years though has seen the introduction of digital printing into the market and now this dominates over screen, pad and laser engraving.

Matt Pluckrose is managing director of Desktop Ideas

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