A New Direction

Education is the route to greater professionalism, and the BPMA offers a clear pathway to skills development.

Raising industry standards and best practice through education and training remains at the heart of the BPMA. It seeks to encourage industry learning and professional development to enhance skills of all individuals working in the industry.

This is why I have been working on a development project behind the scenes for the BPMA for quite some time and I can’t wait to share it with our members. I have been working with a team of developers and keyboard directors to launch the education programme on a new platform. The project is now in its final stages and is soon to launch to the membership.

We are taking the qualities of our previous and much loved academy programme and current education programme to offer an even stronger learning platform and resource tool for exceptionally good value.

In an ever-changing industry that is now impacted by Brexit – the biggest single change the industry has ever faced – it is time to revamp the programme to offer a broader range of content to reflect such changes and developments and to bridge skills and knowledge gaps.

The new platform will also support learners by offering a new resource centre where learners can search on a related topic and gain access to exclusive content and support material that is not available as part of standard BPMA membership. Webinars will soon launch too which is something I am really excited about.

The BPMA education programme will continue to offer its members nothing but an outstanding value for money, industry-specific training. The education programme retains its free introductory session and factory visits will also return in 2017.

The online platform will offer more than 70 videos and PDF topics to study over a range of subject categories including industry fundamentals, product, decoration, product compliance, customer service, sales, marketing, finance, sales management, business management, HR and legal, ethics, purchasing and procurement, and web software and data.

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